About the Author

Victor Romeo-Fox (VRF, formerly violent-rape-fantasies) is the main author behind the site. He is a sadistic male Dominant over 30 who has been practicing BDSM for over 15 years, and is currently living in a committed relationship with his submissive (they/them) who also contributes to the site. In his personal life, VRF is an established professional with a wealth of experiences across numerous domains including academia, technology, non-profit organizations, and the performing arts. In order to protect his identity, privacy, and anonymity, some details about VRF’s real life and relationships may be altered.

Over the years, VRF has earned a reputation for his research and discussions on consent, ethics, and safety around consensual non-consent fantasies and highlighting key concerns around dangerous beliefs, activities, and people in the space. He is an outspoken advocate for diversity, equality, social and restorative justice, mental health, and sex education, and speaks out against abusive, manipulative, and predatory behaviors, some of which are addressed in his out of character and reality check posts. His goal is to help people to be informed and safe so they can pursue fulfilling relationships and sex in a positive and nurturing way.

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About the Site

VRF has gone through several incarnations on the web, with this website being the latest iteration. This all originally started on Tumblr back in 2015, when VRF started a blog as violent-rape-fantasies to curate some of his favorite posts and add short fantasy captions to them. Shortly after its inception, the blog began to amass followers and receive numerous asks and user submissions, leading VRF to start the reality check series of posts to speak about the importance of consent, respect, equality, equitability, power dynamics, and safety.

The original VRF blog went on hiatus in 2016 due to a sharp rise in problematic behaviors and discourse on Tumblr, including blatant misogyny and racism; after the platform’s changes to its community guidelines, the blog was terminated in 2019, having enjoyed over 160,000 followers and 3,000 user submissions over its lifetime. Some of the archives which were saved from violent-rape-fantasies will be posted and preserved here.

VRF returned from hiatus in late 2020 as VictorRomeoFox (the NATO phonetic alphabetization of the original blog’s acronym) only to be terminated again by Tumblr a short few months later. This led to the creation of this website in 2021 as an effort to preserve VRF’s content and connections and move away from platforms that actively suppress pornography and kink regardless of the discourse surrounding it.

This site is a constant work in progress and will change over time to meet the needs of both the author and the audience. If you have suggestions, feedback, or concerns about the site, please feel free to contact VRF.

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The model pictured in my profile photo is Kagney Lynn Karter from a photoshoot with Detective Chronicles.